The Usual Suspects Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club was established on November 23, 2008 in Prince George’s County, Maryland. At the heart of the philosophy of the Usual Suspects lies the belief that every member is of equal value. The original Maryland Chapter has attempted to establish a set of rules and by-laws to create a system of order in which every member’s ideas and opinions are important and shall be heard and considered. Other then those basic rules and by-laws which have been established for the efficient operation and common good of the organization of the Usual Suspects, there will be no “Mother Chapter” or “Founding Fathers” in control over the other chapters. The other core belief of the Usual Suspects is friendship. We are brothers-in-arms of that “thin blue line” and we ride as friends, not just members. The goal of the Usual Suspects is to become a law enforcement motorcycle club with a membership of friends, no man above the other.


The Arizona Chapter was formed in 2012.


The Southern Arizona Chapter was formed in 2014.












1.  We maintain our priorities in this order:

                  1. Family

                  2. Career 

                  3. Club


2.  We endeavor to support the families of law enforcement officers killed or injured in the line of duty to the best of our ability, particularly those in Arizona. 


3.  The Usual Suspects motto is “No Man Above Another”.


4.  The Usual Suspects LEMC, Arizona Chapter is a nonpartisan organization and does not support or oppose any political party, candidate for elective office, or office holder.


5.  We are inclusive of all areas of diversity including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, color, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, religion, age, socioeconomic status, marital status, language, or disability.




We are open to new members. We have forums to facilitate communications, but these are restricted to members only, so the only way to get to know us (and for us to get to know you) is to hang out with us on occasion. If you are interested, email Face, Ponyboy, Bugz or Smoove (see our contact us page).


Our center patch is a representation of Melvin Horace Purvis, Jr. (1903-1960), an American law enforcement official and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent. He is noted for leading the manhunts that tracked such outlaws as Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd, and John Dillinger. Melvin carries both a Thompson Sub-Machine Gun and a Colt .45 caliber pistol – both weapons have a rich law enforcement history. Draped over his left arm is a “thin blue line” banner.